Ashlea and Todd’s Huge Engagement Party

My dear friend Ashlea and her fiance Todd both have ENORMOUS families. They held their engagement party at The Collitt’s Inn, Little Hartley – such an amazing venue!  With around 200 people spread out across the grounds, the hot sun, cold g&t’s and live acoustic, it felt more like a summertime festival than an engagement party.  What a delightful day!


Day 9 – Dinner in Trinidad


We made friends with some people from Quebec and all went out for dinner. Such a beautiful street.

Day 6 part iii – ending with a sunset


The bus took at least 6 hours to get from Havana down to Trinidad. When we arrived, we had to fend off dozens of people holding signs, pushing us to stay at their casas. We managed to get a taxi out to Hostal El Capitan, and it’s hard to express just how lovely it was to find a view like this when we arrived.