Day 2 part iii – The Malecon

The MaleconAfter a kind of scary experience with some Jineteros, we headed down to the waterfront.  From a distance, the city looks beautiful  in a pastel 1950s way.  But when you get closer, you see how it’s crumbling.

An introduction

About 6 years ago, this girl developed an interest in photography.  And unlike a lot of other things this girl had tried to pick up, she managed to stick with it through all these years.  So, here we are now.  With a brand new blog, and six years worth of photos.  Where to start?

Let’s skip the learning curve thing.  Because I spent a few weeks in Cuba this year, and holy moly.  What an experience.   I’m going to just jump straight to sharing some of my favourite shots from that trip.

Day 1 – The view from our bedroom window in Havana

Old Havana