day 5 part iii – Churros!


So on the main tourist strip, a little paper cone of these sets you back 5 CUC. About 3 blocks away, we found this guy selling them for 0.50 CUC! Amazing

Day 5 part ii – Blue

The ceiling

After spending two hours on a bus and feeling very windswept, we went back to the vibrant Mercaderes street for some lunch in a very blue cafe.

Day 5 – starting with a cemetary

Colon Cemetary

By this day, we’d gone through the list of places we wanted to see. So we hopped on a tour bus. We drove past lots and lots of crumbling, Soviet-era concrete buildings, which lacked the beauty of the Habana Vieja and Vedado area. I guess the cemetary was the highlight.

Day 4 part iv – A nap in the sun

A nap in the sun

Honestly, I had dozens and dozens of favourite pictures from this day. But I keep bending the self-imposed rules, so here’s my last one – a poochy, taking a nap in the sun.

D’you know, there’s heaps of stray dogs roaming around Havana. And they all look well-fed and happy. Which is kind of unexpected.

Day 4 part ii – Plaza Vieja

Two photos today!


Coco Taxi First, a coco taxi ride (those things are like… a giant tennis ball, on wheels) zipping through the packed, narrow streets up to Plaza Vieja.

Plaza Vieja

And then, the plaza itself. When you’re surrounded by broken bricks and peeling paint and general decay, to find somewhere like this was an amazing feeling. It’s been beautifully restored.