Day 10 – Tropical storms

I just love big dramatic storms. Cuba didn’t disappoint.  This is what it looked like as the clouds rolled in:IMG_5132-2

And this is ten minutes later, with the rain pouring down so hard it looks like fogIMG_5138-3

Day 7 – that looks familiar


Hey, it’s that picture I’ve been using as my wallpaper!

Also, turns out that there isn’t much of a tattoo industry in Cuba. So I’d say that my husband had at least 8 people, every single day, admiring his tattoo.

Day 6 part iii – ending with a sunset


The bus took at least 6 hours to get from Havana down to Trinidad. When we arrived, we had to fend off dozens of people holding signs, pushing us to stay at their casas. We managed to get a taxi out to Hostal El Capitan, and it’s hard to express just how lovely it was to find a view like this when we arrived.

day 6 part i – the one that cost money

Sitting on the steps

‘Quantos esta?’ *gesture towards camera*
‘no, no, no’ *pose for photo cheerfully*
*take photo*
‘2 CUC, por favor’

I don’t mind that this photo cost me money, because I love the contrast between her vibrant, cheerful pose and his mild demeanour.