Ashlea and Todd’s Huge Engagement Party

My dear friend Ashlea and her fiance Todd both have ENORMOUS families. They held their engagement party at The Collitt’s Inn, Little Hartley – such an amazing venue!  With around 200 people spread out across the grounds, the hot sun, cold g&t’s and live acoustic, it felt more like a summertime festival than an engagement party.  What a delightful day!


Odd Mountain

Odd Mountain is a brand new store specialising in oddities like creepy dolls, obscure medical equipment and taxidermy – so much fun to explore and photograph!  They’ll be opening up in the next few days, so make sure to go check it out.


Back after a baby break

In my last post, I mentioned I was pregnant. Turns out a baby puts a hold on a lot of ‘me’ activities for a while.  I think I used my camera twice in about 18 months, both times just to have some photos of her that weren’t taken on my phone.

Then around December last year, my friend asked if I would come snap some casual shots  for a first birthday party.  I felt pretty rusty but was happy to be back behind the lens! IMG_6870

Kyle & Jamie’s Wedding

I’ve been quiet on the blog for two reasons.

One – my husband and I are expecting a mini version of ourselves to show up in May next year!  As a result I’ve been woefully sick.

The second, and more relevant, reason is that I was asked to shoot a wedding in October. I leapt at the opportunity because I’ve been in love with all things wedding ever since planning my own.  So my photography time has been consumed with sorting out and editing all the photos from the big day!

The bride and groom will be receiving the images soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my favourites from the day.

sm kyle and jamie 007 sm kyle and jamie 032 sm kyle and jamie 041 sm kyle and jamie 049 sm kyle and jamie 050 sm kyle and jamie 117 sm kyle and jamie 145 sm kyle and jamie 177 sm kyle and jamie 245 sm kyle and jamie 252 sm kyle and jamie 255

I had a blast shooting this wedding and processing the photos afterwards.  I really hope that Jamie and Kyle are happy with the end result – I’m feeling pretty pleased with it!